Sunday, 3 February 2013

[AGS] Sierra style dialog

I'm very happy because Drerhu started to write in pixelepsygames blog and finally I got progress with AGS GUI.

By now, I'm using a 9 Verb-coin but I hope change it soon. I'm not interesting in 9 ways to interact.

 Also, I get design/script my own "Sierra style dialog"~

Yes, I know, it is some ugly... but doesn't matter! I'll improve it later. By now, what is important is that it's work ^o^~

The way is:
  1. Create a GUI that covers the entire screen. Make the background 50% (or some suitable number) transparent black to give a shadow.
  2. Then create another GUI for the text window, with a button for the frame graphic and a label for the text. Create buttons with the character images too.
  3. Then, write an extender function that puts up the GUIs with the right graphics and text when you want your character to speak. In my case, the code looks so:
      • Speech.asc:

      • Speech.ash:

    I feel powerful now, muahahahaha~! (jk! teehee~)

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