Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Petros and Shiloh arts - 1

I had been working in Petros at Law's character design and finally I get the "femine main character": Shiloh. Recently, I have envied draws with fleshy lips and always I had tried to draw it, they looked terrible :( But then, I decided to try a new draw style (been inspired by AwesomeNauts) and... well, now I love Shiloh look =*^*=

Petros and Shiloh will be the main characters in Petros at Law.

Then, I tried to draw Petros in Pixel Art. I will need some portraits for the dialogs.

My first avatar looks so... well, I didn't like it. So I tried again:

Now, Petros looks ginger D: but at least he could be 17-20 age old...

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