Sunday, 10 February 2013

[AGS] Making Preludio

I was doing a dialog-GUI and I found a stupid problem: I cannot write "carry-returns" or "newlines" on the text box.

On credits page, I used "overlay" function and with "[" symbol I could write a newline. But with the GUI-Text Box it doesn't work and automatic carry-returns neither (the text go out widht box).

I search about it on the "Dynamic Help" but I didn't found anything :/

A very clumsy "solution" come to my mind but I think there should be other solutions. So I asked in the AGS forum and Khris answered me:

I knew problem was so dumb ^^u Now, with "gui label" text works perfectly~~ But now I'm a bit confused with "GUI Labels", "GUI Text box", etc :_D I don't know why I was using gui text box all time...

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