Sunday, 10 February 2013

[AGS] Making Preludio

I was doing a dialog-GUI and I found a stupid problem: I cannot write "carry-returns" or "newlines" on the text box.

On credits page, I used "overlay" function and with "[" symbol I could write a newline. But with the GUI-Text Box it doesn't work and automatic carry-returns neither (the text go out widht box).

I search about it on the "Dynamic Help" but I didn't found anything :/

A very clumsy "solution" come to my mind but I think there should be other solutions. So I asked in the AGS forum and Khris answered me:

I knew problem was so dumb ^^u Now, with "gui label" text works perfectly~~ But now I'm a bit confused with "GUI Labels", "GUI Text box", etc :_D I don't know why I was using gui text box all time...

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Petros and Shiloh arts - 1

I had been working in Petros at Law's character design and finally I get the "femine main character": Shiloh. Recently, I have envied draws with fleshy lips and always I had tried to draw it, they looked terrible :( But then, I decided to try a new draw style (been inspired by AwesomeNauts) and... well, now I love Shiloh look =*^*=

Petros and Shiloh will be the main characters in Petros at Law.

Then, I tried to draw Petros in Pixel Art. I will need some portraits for the dialogs.

My first avatar looks so... well, I didn't like it. So I tried again:

Now, Petros looks ginger D: but at least he could be 17-20 age old...

Sunday, 3 February 2013

[AGS] Sierra style dialog

I'm very happy because Drerhu started to write in pixelepsygames blog and finally I got progress with AGS GUI.

By now, I'm using a 9 Verb-coin but I hope change it soon. I'm not interesting in 9 ways to interact.

 Also, I get design/script my own "Sierra style dialog"~

Yes, I know, it is some ugly... but doesn't matter! I'll improve it later. By now, what is important is that it's work ^o^~

Thursday, 31 January 2013

"A new species of creature has entered in your dungeon"

 And it´s a bear! D:

Hi there folks : )! I´m Drerhu, Randt´s perennial partner and part of the Pixelepsy Games crew. I hope you all find this place interesting, Randt has put a lot of work in it ^^

I´m kinda busy right now : \ but at the next weeks I´ll try to post some updates of our efforts on the gamemaking world.

And just for you, a link to the amazing website with interesting tools for making games : )

Stay tuned, and thx for coming ^^!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

[WME] Randt vs Wintermute

Finally, I tried to learn to use Wintermute because I read WME is more powerful than AGS. But, although I put WME in Spanish and I was reading the manual, my face was some like...

Then, I garthered my courage and patient...

...and I continued trying it...


...and I felt like...

And finally... zzZZZz

So I dismissed WME by now.

 Maybe, I'll try it in a future... when I will be tired with AGS and GM ^^'.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Brooklyn Bridge

I wasn't death *teehee*, I was only working in this background and besides I'm having a lot of problems with Game Maker and the game story x.x"
Well, almost here I have: my first bacground in pixel art~ ☆‿☆*
It's New York, in fact, Brooklyn bridge.


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

[GM] Scale Script

This morning I created a "scale script". It'll allow me scale sprites automatically in each room without long codes (as I had put before). This script have to be put in a step event, obviously.

In my case, the "street 1 room", the script is the next one:

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

[GM] AI and depth problems fixed~

As I told in that post [link] I had problems with AI and depth.

Well, I couldn't resolve why the alarm doesn't work so I tried other solution... but it didn't work too. I wanted throw the pc out the window but then my dear daddy reminded me I used an "create even" instead of "step event"... so basic problem! *sigh*

GMZ file:

The new AI code are:
  • Create even:
    • The piece of code:

  • Alarm 0:  set horizontal speed = -walk_speed.
  • Step Event:

I add a "space button". The button appear when Petros is under attack and if you press "space", the battle'll end. The code is:
  • Create Event: a piece of code: counter = 0.

  • Step Even:

On the other hand, the depth problems was truly easy to solved:

But to programme in GM is like watch Lost TV serie... I resolve a problem and then I have two new problems *sigh* OTL Now, my problem is "Space button" doesn't work correctly because counter = 1 go to counter = 4 directly and I don't understand why ;__;.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Petros' sprites

Finally, I finished Petros' basic sprites. Altought I need some more sprites for the Petros at Law's "first level": some more complex movements, two enemies and their atacks T.T *sob sob*.

[GM] My first AI

I'm happy and proud because I did my first AI ! and I did it without help~ (for now...U teehee).

However, I have problems with the easiest function, lol.

GMZ file:

I have basically two problems:
  • I tried to script a "automatic depth" (according to "y edge") but objets superimpose badly yet :S
  • I need two men follow to player, atack him and, when his life was 0, leave the room. I got "follow" and "atack" actions but I didn't get to "reduce life to 0" :S And sometimes (mainly when I put only a man on the room), men do odd movements and try "run away" (I programmed a coward AI, lol).

Sunday, 20 January 2013

[GM] Intro Screen

I'm disappointment :( I can't put the "video logo" yet because I'm using "free version 8" and show_video are obsolet OTL And I don't know why but I didn't get to put a "splash logo screen" :S (maybe because it's free version too?).

Anyway, never stop! I have already done a provisional intro screen~ ^^

PixelepsYGames' intro video

Pixelepsy Games have a "intro video" now ^o^~

I had to learn how to use After effect and I had a lot of problems with it U¬¬ But finally, I got to do a good video :)

Now, I need some child voice for it~ :3

Edited Scott Pilgrim Street Background ~ Winter isn't comming!

After a lot of work, I repaint this background, removing all the snow :3

The original background doesn't belong to me. I took it in link; "Scott Pilgrim" is copyright Bryan Lee O'Malley and the background were taken from Stephane Boutin's blog.

Original background piece:

My version~

Saturday, 19 January 2013

[GM] Hotline Seville ~ Top view room

Nowadays, I realized I like top-view games a lot. Top-view games as Pokemon, Zelda, The binding of Isaac or Hotline Miami.

As I was blocked with beat'em up, I decide learn how to design a top-view background by tiles.

I had an idea: pick an Hotline Miami screenshot and cut it into tiles.

I recommend Hotline Miami earnestly ★_★

The tile is 32x32

I had to do the tile two times but finally I get to learn how to do it! :D Besides, I used Graphics Gale for the first time and I liked it!

Then, I did a PJ and I discover how dificult is to draw top-view pjs ⊙△⊙.

And the final result~~!

I know, the room have it's some empty and it needs more work. But the main objective was to learn how to do tiles background and I think did ^o^~! Now, I should learn how to open the doors and stuff D:

[GM] Advances in up-down movements

I had been working in the up-down movement and I did some advance :D, but I had some problems too OTL xD :(

New gmz file:

I get o_Alec to be able up-down correctly but he can't jump because I don't know how programme "gravity" in this case :/ By the way, o_Kim_v2 cannot up-down (but she can jump) and I don't understand why o_o Theoretically, they have the same up-down movement script...

The scripts are...

Friday, 18 January 2013

[GM] Some basic movement problems resolved

As I told in this post [link], I had many stupids problems with basic movement. Naygath offered to help me friendly and write a new script :)!

The script is the next one~

New Alec sprites in a new style

New sprites to Alec using some "Scott Pilgrim" style~
I don't like the result :(