Thursday, 31 January 2013

"A new species of creature has entered in your dungeon"

 And it´s a bear! D:

Hi there folks : )! I´m Drerhu, Randt´s perennial partner and part of the Pixelepsy Games crew. I hope you all find this place interesting, Randt has put a lot of work in it ^^

I´m kinda busy right now : \ but at the next weeks I´ll try to post some updates of our efforts on the gamemaking world.

And just for you, a link to the amazing website with interesting tools for making games : )

Stay tuned, and thx for coming ^^!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

[WME] Randt vs Wintermute

Finally, I tried to learn to use Wintermute because I read WME is more powerful than AGS. But, although I put WME in Spanish and I was reading the manual, my face was some like...

Then, I garthered my courage and patient...

...and I continued trying it...


...and I felt like...

And finally... zzZZZz

So I dismissed WME by now.

 Maybe, I'll try it in a future... when I will be tired with AGS and GM ^^'.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Brooklyn Bridge

I wasn't death *teehee*, I was only working in this background and besides I'm having a lot of problems with Game Maker and the game story x.x"
Well, almost here I have: my first bacground in pixel art~ ☆‿☆*
It's New York, in fact, Brooklyn bridge.


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

[GM] Scale Script

This morning I created a "scale script". It'll allow me scale sprites automatically in each room without long codes (as I had put before). This script have to be put in a step event, obviously.

In my case, the "street 1 room", the script is the next one:

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

[GM] AI and depth problems fixed~

As I told in that post [link] I had problems with AI and depth.

Well, I couldn't resolve why the alarm doesn't work so I tried other solution... but it didn't work too. I wanted throw the pc out the window but then my dear daddy reminded me I used an "create even" instead of "step event"... so basic problem! *sigh*

GMZ file:

The new AI code are:
  • Create even:
    • The piece of code:

  • Alarm 0:  set horizontal speed = -walk_speed.
  • Step Event:

I add a "space button". The button appear when Petros is under attack and if you press "space", the battle'll end. The code is:
  • Create Event: a piece of code: counter = 0.

  • Step Even:

On the other hand, the depth problems was truly easy to solved:

But to programme in GM is like watch Lost TV serie... I resolve a problem and then I have two new problems *sigh* OTL Now, my problem is "Space button" doesn't work correctly because counter = 1 go to counter = 4 directly and I don't understand why ;__;.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Petros' sprites

Finally, I finished Petros' basic sprites. Altought I need some more sprites for the Petros at Law's "first level": some more complex movements, two enemies and their atacks T.T *sob sob*.

[GM] My first AI

I'm happy and proud because I did my first AI ! and I did it without help~ (for now...U teehee).

However, I have problems with the easiest function, lol.

GMZ file:

I have basically two problems:
  • I tried to script a "automatic depth" (according to "y edge") but objets superimpose badly yet :S
  • I need two men follow to player, atack him and, when his life was 0, leave the room. I got "follow" and "atack" actions but I didn't get to "reduce life to 0" :S And sometimes (mainly when I put only a man on the room), men do odd movements and try "run away" (I programmed a coward AI, lol).

Sunday, 20 January 2013

[GM] Intro Screen

I'm disappointment :( I can't put the "video logo" yet because I'm using "free version 8" and show_video are obsolet OTL And I don't know why but I didn't get to put a "splash logo screen" :S (maybe because it's free version too?).

Anyway, never stop! I have already done a provisional intro screen~ ^^

PixelepsYGames' intro video

Pixelepsy Games have a "intro video" now ^o^~

I had to learn how to use After effect and I had a lot of problems with it U¬¬ But finally, I got to do a good video :)

Now, I need some child voice for it~ :3

Edited Scott Pilgrim Street Background ~ Winter isn't comming!

After a lot of work, I repaint this background, removing all the snow :3

The original background doesn't belong to me. I took it in link; "Scott Pilgrim" is copyright Bryan Lee O'Malley and the background were taken from Stephane Boutin's blog.

Original background piece:

My version~

Saturday, 19 January 2013

[GM] Hotline Seville ~ Top view room

Nowadays, I realized I like top-view games a lot. Top-view games as Pokemon, Zelda, The binding of Isaac or Hotline Miami.

As I was blocked with beat'em up, I decide learn how to design a top-view background by tiles.

I had an idea: pick an Hotline Miami screenshot and cut it into tiles.

I recommend Hotline Miami earnestly ★_★

The tile is 32x32

I had to do the tile two times but finally I get to learn how to do it! :D Besides, I used Graphics Gale for the first time and I liked it!

Then, I did a PJ and I discover how dificult is to draw top-view pjs ⊙△⊙.

And the final result~~!

I know, the room have it's some empty and it needs more work. But the main objective was to learn how to do tiles background and I think did ^o^~! Now, I should learn how to open the doors and stuff D:

[GM] Advances in up-down movements

I had been working in the up-down movement and I did some advance :D, but I had some problems too OTL xD :(

New gmz file:

I get o_Alec to be able up-down correctly but he can't jump because I don't know how programme "gravity" in this case :/ By the way, o_Kim_v2 cannot up-down (but she can jump) and I don't understand why o_o Theoretically, they have the same up-down movement script...

The scripts are...

Friday, 18 January 2013

[GM] Some basic movement problems resolved

As I told in this post [link], I had many stupids problems with basic movement. Naygath offered to help me friendly and write a new script :)!

The script is the next one~

New Alec sprites in a new style

New sprites to Alec using some "Scott Pilgrim" style~
I don't like the result :(

Thursday, 17 January 2013

[GM] Shaun's Video Tutorials

I found these video tutorials while I was surfing the G+. I hadn't watched yet but they look OK and author's description make me laugh. He has 9 video tutorials for now.

The first video is this~

[GM] Movement problems

I think GM hate me...
Now, I'm having problems with the movement in y edge on the road and the jump animation. I had read and watch a lot of tutorials but I don't know what I should do to resolve the problems OTL.

I did two player version. First, I tried to use scripts (o_Kim_v1) but I can't jump correctly (animation jump neither) and I don't know how to do top-bottom displacement :/ Then, I tried to use "drag and drop actions" (o_Kim_v2) and I programmed if Kim is in "blue zone", she will be able to "up" walking... but it doesn't work "OTL Besides, I cannot animate jump and walk correctly too.

I don't know what I should do now and it's frustating! OTL

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Tutorials & Useful Links

Do you need any tutorial? No? Aw, what a lucky guy! ;_;
Well, if your answer is "Yes!" (like mine 'OTL)... I found some interesting and more and less useful tutorials and links~ I'm going to compile them in a page and you'll be able to find them into the "Tutorials & Links" tab. Feel free to see them and contribute too! Btw, none of these tutorials mine X0.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Blog's url will be changed! ~> pixelepsYgames

Due to a new incorporation into the blog, I have to change its url. New name will be pixelepsYgames and the new url will be

[GM] Scrolling background problems ~> resolved!

Surpriiiiseee, I'm back~! (read with Jax voice *lol*)
Last weekend I started Petros at Law platform game with GM. I haven't too much expectations with this proyect because I'm very very noob yet with GM... so first, I'm trying to learn the platform programming steps. For that, I'm using Scott Pilgrim Game's sprites.

So...  I imported Kim's stand and walking sprites and a street background. Then, I made a room and... oh, sh** ...blurry?


I asked for it in the forum and addono and Naygath explained the reason to me:
  • I should disable interpolate colors between pixels (options; global game settings> windows> graphics) if I want a "pixel art effect".
  • Images cannot be larger than 2048px so I had cut the background to pieces.
Then, I had to combine the pieces in the room:

Besides, it's necessary select and "object_following".

Now, the room looks nice :D