Saturday, 19 January 2013

[GM] Hotline Seville ~ Top view room

Nowadays, I realized I like top-view games a lot. Top-view games as Pokemon, Zelda, The binding of Isaac or Hotline Miami.

As I was blocked with beat'em up, I decide learn how to design a top-view background by tiles.

I had an idea: pick an Hotline Miami screenshot and cut it into tiles.

I recommend Hotline Miami earnestly ★_★

The tile is 32x32

I had to do the tile two times but finally I get to learn how to do it! :D Besides, I used Graphics Gale for the first time and I liked it!

Then, I did a PJ and I discover how dificult is to draw top-view pjs ⊙△⊙.

And the final result~~!

I know, the room have it's some empty and it needs more work. But the main objective was to learn how to do tiles background and I think did ^o^~! Now, I should learn how to open the doors and stuff D:

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